aka-lizzy said:  Favorite Lana music video?

Ride, of course! Ride is just my favorite thing, and the music video is my favorite thing ever.

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ahs-lana said:  Favorite lana song? :)

Definitely Ride! 

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oldmoneydelrey said:  Ride or die? Lol <3

Umm I think I’m going to have to go with ride haha :)

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Out takes from 2012

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Huge Give Away 

Hey everybody! So recently eouvi upgraded our electronic devices :)

The laptop is in good condition but i upgraded to a mac so i have no use for it ( coneyislandconvict)

I got the iphone 5s in December & i was using the iphone 4s as an ipod but i don’t need it anymore ( coneyislandconvict )

The cell phone cases are from eouv ‘s old iphone

what you get

  • x1 Acer laptop
  • x1 Iphone 4s
  • x5 Sparkley iphone cases
  • x1 Lana Del Rey case

the rules

  • must be following both of us coneyislandconvicteouv (we check)
  • reblog this post(the more that you reblog the more chances to win! no limit, like=bookmark)
  • be willing to give me shipping info
  • keep your inbox open!
  • the winner will be chosen random
  • must answer within 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen

We ship worldwide! The giveaway ends on October 3rd so good luck, everyone!:) inbox us with any questions. to higher you chances send a ” <3 ” here 

out in Los Angeles (20.08.14)


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