I was always an unusual girl. My mother told me that I had a chameleon soul. No moral compass pointing due north, no fixed personality. Just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and as wavering as the ocean. 

Last Person That

Slept in your bed besides you? my boyfriend (technically our bed)
Saw you cry?  my boyfriend
You went to the movies with? my boyfriend
You went out to dinner with? my boyfriend
You talked on the phone to? my work
Made you laugh? my boyfriend

Would You Rather

Pierce your nose or your tongue? nose
Be serious or be funny? funny
Drink whole or skimmed milk? whole
Die in a fire or drowning? drowning
Spend time with your parents or enemies? parents

Are You?

Simple or complicated? complicated
Straight, gay or bisexual? straight
Tall or short? average height
Right handed or left handed? right
A lover of music or a lover of books? both

Do You Prefer

Flowers or sweets? both
Grey or black? black
Colour photos or black-and-white photos? both
Sunrise or sunset? sunset
M&Ms or Skittles? m&ms
Staying up late or waking up early? staying up late
Sun or moon? sun
Winter or Autumn? autumn
10 acquaintances or 2 best friends? 2 best friends
Rainy or sunny? sunny
Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? chocolate
Vodka or Jack? vodka

About You

What time is it? 3:33pm
Name? Kayla
Nicknames? Kay, Burger, Bean
When is your birthday? june 20th
What do you want? happiness 
How many kids do you want? 2 or 3
What would you name a girl? bellatrix, emma 
What would you name a boy? idk yet
You want to get married? yes


Nervous habits? biting my nails and fingers, drawing on myself
Are you double-jointed? yes
Can you roll your tongue? yes
Can you raise one eyebrow? yes
Can you cross your eyes? yes


Which shoe goes on first? right
Ever thrown something at someone? yes
On average, how much money do you carry with you? enough cash for the bus and my debit card
What jewelry do you wear? my promise ring
Do you twirl or cut spaghetti? both
Have you ever eaten Spam? yes
Favourite ice cream? Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy
How many kinds of cereal are in your cupboard? 2


Alcoholic beverage? vodka
Car ride? to mcdonalds a couple hours ago
Song played? the theme song to True Blood
Person you saw? my boyfriend
Time you cried? cant remember
Fight?  probably yesterday

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Anonymous said:  Do u know what type of fake eyelashes lana has? Like does she go to a salon or just buy the kind from the store

I looked it up online, and from what I can tell, she buys them at the store. I would Google it, and watch some of the tutorials people have made on how to “get the Lana Del Rey look”. Some of them come pretty close, and they all show what products they use! Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!


Lana Del Rey’s new profile picture on Instagram.




lactescent Lizzy


hello Sweetie!


Lana Del Rey in New York

Lana with James Franco at Rockaway Beach Surf Club earlier today.